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I was stunned, October 29, 2011
Scott Collingwood (Redlynch, Australia)
The package arrived on schedule and in good time for my anniversary (1st April). Once I had eagerly unwrapped my gift I was stunned at how perfect it was, just as the photos on the net had shown. It was of course so much more beautiful once I could see it for real. Upon giving it to my wife she was absolutely delighted with it ! and cried tears of joy that I was able to find such a beautiful gift.

It now sits proudly on her dressing table and is filled with her favourite items of jewellery. I am sorry if I have gone over the top a bit but I did want to pass on how absolutely perfect the whole online shopping experience was for me with you and just how much my wife and I will always treasure the box. Thank you so much for all of your help.
Impressed by the craftsmanship, October 28, 2011
Evan Tradup (Woodstock, United States)
I purchased the box and music as a gift for my mother (who is Korean) and she loves it. I was also impressed by the craftsmanship and detail. The music also brought back memories for her. As far as the ordering process, the purchase was very easy and your website is well organized. Given my experience, I would definitely order from you again and recommend you to others. Thank you and best of luck!