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Spring Wall Hanging Silk Scroll Painting of Mantis and Frog
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Item number: 2308
This unique spring wall hanging silk scroll painting exhibits a perfect reproduction of the 16th century masterpiece paintings of Sinsaimdang (1504-1551), an icon of womanly and motherly virtues in Korea. She was the mother of Yi Yul-gok, the illustrious Confucian scholar from the Joseon dynasty and a consummate artist who excelled especially at chochungdo (painting of grass and insects). She was an attentive observer of each and every flower and grass growing in her garden, and insects such as butterflies, bees, mantises and grasshoppers visiting these blossoms. Her works meticulously reproduce their shapes and colors down to the minutest details and finest hues.

Size: 12.6"W x 29.1"H (32 × 7
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