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Sympathy: Korean 8 Iron Stringed Zither Music
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This is Yu Kyung-Hwa's first release featuring her masterful performance of Cheolhyeongeum in 2005. This album presents the unique tune of Cheolhyeongeum, a Korean 8 iron stringed zither plucked with a short horn rod which is held in the right hand, and producing various tones and vibrations. Cheolhyeongeum was created by Kim Yeong-Cheol who was a master of tightroping of Namsadang in 1940s and is now one of modernized traditional instruments for Sanjo, a genre of traditional Korean folk music, involving an instrumental solo accompanied by drumming on the Janggu, an hourglass-shaped drum.
Yu Kyung-Hwa
Yu Kyung-Hwa is a leading percussionist and performer who has opened up a new horizon in Korean traditional music exploring various genres of Korean traditional music from traditional dance to Geomungo and diverse percussion instruments. She is now composing new musical pieces for Cheolhyeongeum (ir...
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