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Pure Essence of a Tree's Breath
Korean mulberry paper, called hanji is extremely light and strong,
and maintains its original color and shape even after a millennium.
Featuring glossiness and softness, hanji has been used to create
wonderful housewares for everyday use.
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Hanji Tray with Traditional Geometric Design
Price USD 49.95
Hanji Tray with Colored Leaves
Price USD 49.95
Octagonal Hanji Tray
Price USD 65.00
Octagonal Hanji Tray with Crane Design
Price USD 87.00
Hanji Tray with Chinese Characters
Price USD 49.95
Hanji Tray with Su (Long Life) Design
Price USD 49.95
Squre Hanji Tray with Chrysanthemum and Geometric Designs
Price USD 59.95
Squre Hanji Tray with Arabesque and Geometric Designs
Price USD 59.95