Antique Alive is dedicated to introducing great Korean master artists who are developing and bequeathing Asian artistic traditions, which have been handed down from generation to generation for several thousand years. We also aspire to provide an opportunity for visitors to purchase their exquisite works of art, handicrafts, home decor accessory, traditional music and unique Korean gifts at our online gallery and gift store.

Korean traditional artisans have made unique and distinguished aesthetic achievements in Asian traditions in various artistic disciplines such as pottery, celadon porcelain, blue and white porcelain, mother of pearl inlaying, lacquer ware, Buddha statues, traditional furniture, paper craft, ox-horn inlaying, decorative fashion knotting, bamboo blinds, nakjuk (the art of pyrography), bamboo weaving, grass weaving, jade carving, bronzeware, silver-wire inlaying, compasses, musical instruments, bows and arrows, hand knives, cotton weaving, silk weaving, quilting, embroidery, dyeing, home and temple construction, dancheong (the art of painting buildings and temples), tile making, and woodblock engraving.

The artisans introduced here include some of Korea's finest master artists who have devoted their entire lives honing their wonderful gifts and achieving incredible levels of technical skill in order to create works of art of exceptional beauty. Antique Alive offers visitors a rare opportunity to appreciate the magnificence of these historical cultural relics, precious artifacts that would otherwise only be viewed in museums, here brilliantly reborn for modern living spaces and lifestyles.

Korea is a leading nation in the preservation and development of indigenous traditions of Asian arts and handicrafts. The country operates a cultural conservation program in which the government designates historically and artistically valuable traditional art and crafts as Important Intangible Cultural Properties, and the best master artisans of each art form as Human Cultural Properties. Hence, the Korean government provides various kinds of support so that the unique techniques and precious artistic traditions may be safely bestowed to future generations. The masters introduced here are all Human Cultural Properties and Antique Alive will continually add more masters who represent Korea's diverse traditional arts and crafts.

Visitors to Antique Alive will be guided to resources and in-depth information about these arts and handicrafts, including historical backgrounds and details of techniques and designs, as well as the poignant life stories of the master Korean artists themselves. You are invited to share in the incredible courage, passion, devotion and self-sacrifice these artisans have demonstrated to attain their glorious achievements. We hope you enjoy our Website and the wonderful opportunity to gaze into the spirit of Asia through these magnificent crafts, created by exceptional bearers of living traditions.

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