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Traditional Korean antique, arts and crafts, artworks by modern master Korean artists famous for celadon porcelain,
white pottery, mother of pearl from the Korea antiques gallery. Korean online shop of Antique Alive
offers Hanji paper craft as paper lamps, traditional music, unique home decor accessories.
Antique Alive presents exquisite works of art created by illustrious Korean master artists
who are revitalizing Asian artistic traditions, which have been bequeathed
through the generations for millennia.

Korean artists have made distinguished aesthetic achievements in Asian
traditional art by demonstrating a demure, natural beauty with the least artificiality
within elegant, graceful forms. Antique Alive provides a rare opportunity for visitors
to appreciate the magnificence of these historical and cultural artifacts
reborn for modern living spaces and lifestyles.

Begin a breathtaking journey into the past with Antique Alive,
and bring the beauty of yesterday into your home today!
- Buddha Statue -
A tree continues to breathe even when it is ‘dead,’
after it has been cut away from its roots. Each tree
possesses its own unique grain and individuality
because it breathes in a way that is unlike any
other; it has its own soul. There is a man who
reincarnates life for each tree he touches by
listening to its soul and, in return, offering the most
magnificent metamorphosis of form he can create
so that the tree’s essence may still embody a
natural being. His name is Park Chan-soo,
Master Wood Sculptor... more
The elegant golden image seated
on a lotus pedestal in green and
red perfectly captures the noble
aspiration of Amitabha, the salvation
of all living things. This gilt wooden
image of Buddha was completed
after a seven-stage process of
lacquering. Gold sheets were
placed onto the robe one by one,
and then gold powder was brushed
onto the exposed...more
Today's K-Classical
K-Classical (Korean traditional music), the mother of K-Pop, is distinguished from other Asian or Western music by its unique tempo distribution, warm and soft tone color, calm and meditative character, and spontaneous creativity and cheerful mood in folk music.
Korea Tour
Korea is a country renowned for its rich cultural and aesthetic beauty borne from its noble history dating back 5,000 years. Come visit Korea and begin a fantastic journey into the cultural traditions of the past today!
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Visit our store and discover naturally beautiful Korean handicrafts created from traditions lasting millennia!

Mother of Pearl Art

Antique Alive has the largest and most diverse collection of mother of pearl artistic creations in the world. Korean lacquerware inlaid with mother of pearl is renowned across the globe for possessing both the iridescent color of the abalone shell and its unique inlaying techniques, creating extraordinarily splendid and exquisite mother of pearl designs.

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Essays on Korean Arts and Handicrafts

These essays provide resources and in-depth information about Korean Handicrafts and arts, including historical backgrounds and details of techniques and designs, as well as the poignant life stories of the master artists.

Celadon Porcelain Mother of Pearl Inlay Bamboo Art (Bamboo Pyrography) Jade Carving
White Pottery Ox-horn Inlay Bamboo Art (Bamboo Blind) Grass Weaving
Buddha Statue Silver Wire Inlay Bamboo Art (Bamboo Basketry) Feng Shui Compass
Antique Furniture Decorative Knotting Bamboo Art (Bamboo Fan) Bronze Ware
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Traditional Korean arts, antique and crafts, works of art by master modern Korean artists renowned for Buddha statue,
jade sculpture, grass weaving from the Korea antiques gallery. Korean online shop of Antique Alive
offers mulberry paper craft as paper lamps, classical music, unique home decor accessories.