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Mother of Pearl Pen Holder with Lacquered Wooden Bell Design
This unique pencil holder is inspired by the 8th century masterpiece Buddhist temple bell called "The Divine Bell of King Seongdeok," Korea's most beautiful bronze bell. The bell (the picture of the bell shown here) measures 3.3 meters in height and 2.7 meters in diameter and weighs 18.9 tons. The main motifs of this bell are four flying "apsarasas" in relief, celestial nymphs of Indra's heaven. The nymph surrounded by bosanghwa blossoms (the imaginary Buddhist flower) holds censers in both hands. There are four panels between nymphs, each containing nine lotus petals arranged in three rows and floral bands on the upper and lower parts.

One of the 'four objects' used for a Buddhist service (the other three objects are a 'drum of the law,' a 'wooden fish drum' and a 'cloud chime'), this temple bell has been an indispensable part of Buddhist culture. The sound of a temple bell, carried on the early morning breeze, has been believed to contain the "words of Buddha" and bring peace and comfort to the human soul as it struggles with all the pains of this life, including the four agonies of birth, aging, illness and death.

This unique pencil holder brings a sublime natural beauty onto a busy desk covered with modern plastic stationary. Read More

Size: Widest Diameter 5.3" x Height 5.9" (13.5 x 15cm)
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