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Mother of Pearl Business Card Holder Keychain Set with Turtle Ship Design
This unique keychain and business card case set is ornamented with an elegant mother of pearl turtle ship design. Also known as Geobukseon, the Turtle Ship was the first ironclad warship in the world invented and built by admiral Yi Sun-sin in 1592. Boasting unparalleled firepower and mobility, it was capable of sinking the vast fleets of the Japanese navy in the sea battles between Korea and Japan in 1592-1598. It proved a pivotal instrument for numerous victories against Japanese naval forces, which frustrated Toyotomi Hideyoshi's attempt to conquer Korea.

The elaborate adornment with the iridescence of mother of pearl designs makes it an impressive item for collection. The embossed pattern on the backside surface, which helps prevent slipping, adds beautiful panache to this business card holder. Read More

Card Case: 3.7"W x 2.4"D (9.5 x 6cm)
Keychain: 3.4"Length x 1.2"Wide (8.7 x 3cm)
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Item number: 3857
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