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Kim Young-Jae
Kim Young-Jae, a distinguished composer and performer of Haegeum, has developed a unique style of composition combining Korean traditional music and western music. He is also a master of Geomungo. He was taught by Shin Kwe-Dong, who was one of three disciples of Baek Nak-Jun, the father of Geomungo Sanjo, to inherit Geomungo Sanjo for his lifetime and now has gained his position as a virtuoso. Kim Young-Jae inherits the orthodox of Shin Kwe-Dong and of Baek Nak-Jun in nature. He has created over 200 compositions for various genres including plays, musicals, dramas, and opening and closing ceremony of 2002 World Cup.
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Shin Kwe-Dong Style Geomungo Sanjo by Kim Young-Jae
Price USD 14.99
Haegeum Solo - Lonesome Thinking
Price USD 13.99