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Lee Saeng-Kang
Lee Saeng-kang is the maestro of Daegem, a Korean traditional bamboo flute, designated as a Living Human Treasure by Korean government. He is the one who presented Daegeum to the world by playing solo in the 60s. Before his recital, this instrument was only accompanied with other instruments on the stage.

He first learned to play Korean traditional bamboo flutes at eight. He has devoted himself to these wonderful instruments for 60 years. His solo Daegeum performance drew wide attention in 1960 when he improvised it at an international folk music festival held in Paris. The originally unscheduled performance brought Daegeum into the spotlight as a solo performance instrument.

He also pioneered the crossover music, playing with Western musical instruments as early as the late 1960s. Then he played Korean and Western popular songs and jazz pieces with Daegeum. His oeuvre includes more than 400 albums. He celebrated his 60-year musical career at the Sejong Center for Performing Arts in Seoul in 2004.
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