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Exquisite Brilliance that Lasts Millennia
Korean lacquer ware inlaid with mother of pearl is renowned world over with
its ingenuity to retrieve the iridescent color from the abalone shell and its
unique inlaying techniques to create such extraordinarily splendid and
exquisite mother of pearl motifs into the surface of hard wood.
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Mother of Pearl Jewelry Storage Box Inlaid with Arabesque and Butterfly
Price USD 120.00
Beautiful Jewelry Box Inlaid with Mother of Pearl Flower and Bird Design
Price USD 230.00
Handcrafted Wooden Jewelry Box with Mother of Pearl Deer and Peach
Price USD 169.00
Mother of Pearl Handmade Jewelry Box Inlaid with Double Phoenix Design
Price USD 455.00
Jewelry Box Chest of Drawers Inlaid with Mother of Pearl Flower-and-Bird
Price USD 480.00
Jewelry Gift Box Inlaid with Mother of Pearl Rose Design
Price USD 255.00
Mother of Pearl Lacquer Wood Jewelry Box Inlaid with Iris Design
Price USD 240.00
Mother of Pearl Black Lacquer Wood Jewelry Box Inlaid with Landscape
Price USD 2350.00
Mother of Pearl Document Storage Box Inlaid with Carp and Peony Design
Price USD 1600.00
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