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Here are reviews from some of our customers sharing their Antique Alive Store shopping experiences with you.
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"I received my lamp this morning. Delivery was much faster than I expected. It looks very pretty sitting on top of my bookcase! Thank you very much for your efficient hard work and for making a great product.

Best wishes from the UK!"
Paul Rothwell, East Sussex, United Kingdom
July 29, 2013

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10 Days Best of South Korea Tour

"The tour was very good and enjoyable. The tour guides were very nice and helpful. The Lotte hotel and Jeju scenery were pretty nice. I am still in Seoul today. We will be leaving tomorrow. We really enjoy Busan and Seoul cities. We wish to have more time in Busan to enjoy the beach and the city. We only have one night in Busan. It was too short. Thank you very much for your help. I really love Korea and its people. Hopefully, I will have another opportunity to come back to this beautiful country and meet its kind, friendly, polite people again."
Linda Nguyen, USA
July 12, 2013
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Debbie Kavanagh, LIVERPOOL, United Kingdom
July 1, 2013
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XINGLONG GUO, Burgos, Spain
June 23, 2013
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Rachael Harter, Yona, Guam
June 18, 2013
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Ryan Treat, Smithfield, United States
June 1, 2013
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Thea van de Wiel, Scarborough, Canada
May 29, 2013
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Mimi, Seattle, United States
May 28, 2013
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Torsten Rinne, Lauffen, Germany
May 19, 2013
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Jeff Carlson, Bowie, USA
May 8, 2013
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Elizabeth Stein, Diamond Springs, United States
April 28, 2013
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Helen Sandow, Palmetto Bay, United States
April 20, 2013
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Katherine Peterson, Stoughton, United States
April 12, 2013
"I received the cds in times and safe. Thanks for the service, the music is great."
Pierre Kerzerho, Rennes, France
March 23, 2013
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Gerald Wood, Shreveport, United States
March 2, 2013
"The mother of pearl jewelry box is an exquisite example of an ancient art form that is no longer in existence. Thank you for keeping this part of history alive!"
Jeff Carlson, Bowie, United States
February 27, 2013
"The cds arrived safe and fast, hwang byungki's music should be every home!"
Pierre Kerzerho, Rennes, France
February 22, 2013
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Edward Vaughn, Everett, United States
February 12, 2013
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Johann Chevrier, Azay le brule, France
January 22, 2013
"The letter opener was a gift for my mother and she loves it!"
Paul Marino, Scarsdale, United States
January 14, 2013
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