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Here are reviews from some of our clients sharing their Antique Alive Korea Tour experiences with you.
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7 Days Highlights of Korea Tour

"We loved very much Korea and Seoul. The hotel T-Mark was in a good location and was to our satisfactory. All the arrangement you made for us worked beautifully, Always on time, good condition car and very polite drivers. As for the guides, also very cooperative and polite. We thank you for all your service."
Ziva Gaziv, Israel
10 Days Best of South Korea Tour

"Thank you for organising the trip around South Korea for me and my friends. We all had a really great time. The hotel Fraser Place Central that you booked for us on the first night was very convenient for both the airport limousine bus and for getting to the meeting place on the first day. The bus actually stops across the street from Fraser Place. We had some wonderful guides and travelled with a varied group of people from many parts of the world. Our guides ensured that we saw everything that was on our schedule even on days when the drive between locations took longer due to the weekend/ holiday traffic. Kimchi I believe is an acquired taste, not one that I acquired during my trip but I did enjoy many other dishes like the BBQ pork, Bulgogi, bibimbap, beef stew and many other different tasty foods whose names I cannot remember.

My favourite place was Jeju Island. I could have spent more time there and hope to revisit sometime in the future.

Thanks again for organising a really wonderful trip for me & my friends."
C.F., Ireland
8 Days UNESCO World Heritage Site Tour of Korea

"I had a great time, great walks and a learning curve about Korean culture. In particular, Jeju Island and all the tourist areas along the eastern coast were amazing with autumn colours. The tour guides were informative and helpful, particularly tour guide Douglas in Jeju Island. He took me to some places as extras because I was the only one that arrived at 10:00 hours while the rest did not arrive till 15:00 and much later. So I was very grateful to him for looking after me that morning. He was very informative. East Korea was interesting with so many unesco heritage areas to see especially in a burst of autumn colours. I would love to have more time at the Seroksan park to explore the different trails and the different aspects of the Seroksan mountains.

It would have been an experience if we had a greater variety of Korean food prepared in many ways even if we pay a bit more for the tour. Nevertheless, I love and had enjoyed Korean food during this trip.

Our guide, Mr James Chung, was very informative on your fascinating history and very helpful throughout the trip. Thank you again-we have returned home full of admiration for your country."
Thim Lee, United States
1 Day Gyeongju World Heritage Site Tour by KTX

"I had a very enjoyablel trip. All the details of the itinery were very accurate and easy to follow. The sites are amazing. Everywhere you look is a beautiful World Heritage site. The sites are well marked and easy to follow the information even with a non English tour."
Jeanne O'Grady, San Clemente, United States
10 Days Best of South Korea Tour

"I have recently returned from an overseas trip that included your Best of Korea tour. I have to say it was a very enjoyable experience. There were many highlights but the Spirited Garden on the island of Jeju was just breathtakingly beautiful-meeting its creator and soaking up its wonderful spirit is something I will never forget. I am sure it is a small piece of heaven on earth. I will finish on that note and with thanks for such a meaningful experience-Andong Hahoe village was also an absolute highlight.

Our guide, Mr James Chung, was very informative on your fascinating history and very helpful throughout the trip. Thank you again-we have returned home full of admiration for your country."
Edward & Zelma Gorman, Australia
10 Days Best of South Korea Tour

"The tour was very good and enjoyable. The tour guides were very nice and helpful. The Lotte hotel and Jeju scenery were pretty nice. I am still in Seoul today. We will be leaving tomorrow. We really enjoy Busan and Seoul cities. We wish to have more time in Busan to enjoy the beach and the city. We only have one night in Busan. It was too short. Thank you very much for your help. I really love Korea and its people. Hopefully, I will have another opportunity to come back to this beautiful country and meet its kind, friendly, polite people again."
Linda Nguyen, USA
1 Day Gyeongju World Heritage Site Tour by KTX

"The tour was good despite the very heavy rain. We still visited all places but quickier due to the rain. All went smoothly. The people were very kind and helpful. The city is really beautiful so I think I should come back in the future and go again and stay a few days....and in the dry season...:). Many thanks!"
Carmen Vazquez, Madrid, Spain
7 Days Highlights of Korea Tour

"I had a great time in Korea.. Korea is an amazing place. I really enjoyed the tours.. The guides were friendly and informative.."
Carl Hedley, Australia