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Wall Decor Plate Blue and White Porcelain with Floral and Arabesque Design
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Item number: 1485
This magnificent wall decor plate is a reproduction of the blue and white porcelain plate sold at a record 3.08 million US dollars at the Christie auction house in New York in April, 1994. The plate is characterized by six bosanghwa blossoms (the imaginary Buddhist flower) in full bloom surrounded by vines and a wave band along the rim. The lavish ornamentation might lead one to compare the plate with Chinese blue and white porcelain ware, but the serene brush strokes reveal that it is a work from the tradition of Joseon (1392-1910) ceramic art.

One may have a laser inscription of his or her name and a short message on the holder made of walnut wood. It would be a wonderful gift of great sophistication, cherished significance, and kind-heartedness. Read More

Size: 9.4" Diameter (24cm)
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