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Metal Hand Mirror Inlaid with Mother of Pearl Chrysanthemum
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Item number: 1995
This unique metal hand mirror ornamented with an elegant design of fully bloomed mother of pearl chrysanthemum blossoms and butterflies hovering over them has two mirrors - a regular and a magnifying.

Unlike other machine-cut printed mother of pearl designs, the mother of pearl designs on this metal hand mirror, which are delicately jigsaw-cut by hands, are individually inlaid by our skilled artisan as shown in the large pictures. The arrangement of iridescent design's luster and color made of two different types of mother of pearl creates wonderful harmony with the colorful background, making it a remarkably attractive piece.

One of the "four noble beings" (sagunja) symbolizing fidelity and loyalty, the chrysanthemum has been one of the most favorite subjects used for adorning craftworks as it blooms until late autumn, thus overcoming the frost. Read More

Size: 2.8" Diameter (7.2cm)
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