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Mother of Pearl Lacquered Furniture with Flower, Birds, Bats and Arabesque
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Item number: 2191
This exquisite lacquered furniture is lavishly decorated with intricate mother of pearl designs of two birds spending a happy moment in peony blossoms on the front door, and arabesque at the center and four bats at each corner of the top layer. The fully open peony blossom is traditionally a symbol of wealth and nobility. The bat design has been used as a symbol of fortune that brings the happiest life imaginable in Korea and China. The houseware coated with natural lacquer has long been used in East Asia for its glossy beauty as well as its practicality for being strong, watertight and antibacterial.

This furniture was created by one of the best Korean master craftsmen of mother of pearl in 1975. It is quite remarkable that the artist could depict the scene in such detail without brush nor pen, but only with mother of pearl strips delicately jigsaw-cut by hands one by one. The elaborate adornment of the body makes it a breathtaking piece for collection.

Since this kind of handmade mother of pearl furniture with perfect condition is very rare and the artists who can create this time consuming work of art have been disappeared in Korea, the value of this furniture will be increased when time goes by. Read More

Size: 11"W x 17.4"D x 21.5"H (28 x 45 x 54.5cm)
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