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Mother of Pearl Lacquered Princess Vanity Chest with Flower and Bird
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Item number: 2224
This marvelous two-tired cabinet is lavishly decorated with intricate mother of pearl designs of flower and bird. This type of fine chest called Aegijang, or Princess Vanity Chest, was traditionally made as gifts for young, unmarried women in wealthy families to keep their undergarments, handmade clothes (the needlework taught by their mothers) and fabric for embroidery in a private place.

The beauty of the lacquered wood surface and iridescent design's luster and color of mother of pearl creates a wonderful harmony, making a piece that possesses the modesty and decency of the noble young ladies. The houseware coated with natural lacquer has long been used in East Asia for its glossy beauty as well as its practicality for being strong, watertight and antibacterial. Read More

Size: 23.2"W x 16.3"D x 33.9"H (59 x 41.5 x 86cm)

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