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Mother of Pearl Lacquered Mirror Jewelry Box Inlaid with Flower and Bird
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Item number: 2225
This exquisite Korean traditional mirror box was an essential item for Korean ladies of the past to store their cosmetics and toiletries. The box is lavishly decorated with intricate mother of pearl designs of flowers and mandarin ducks symbolizing a happily married couple who remain faithful to their partner their entire lives. The elaborate adornment with the iridescence of mother of pearl designs makes it an impressive item for collection. The houseware coated with natural lacquer has long been used in East Asia for its glossy beauty as well as its practicality for being strong, watertight and antibacterial.
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Size: 8.1"W x 12.2"D x 6.9"H (20.5 x 31 x 17.5cm)
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