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The Road to Hwangchon
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Item number: 2502
Hwangchon, the underworld realm of the deed in East Asian mythology, roughly equals to the ancient Greek Hades. Like the House of Hades, Hwangchon is a joyless kingdom ruled by Yemra-daewang, the Great Lord of Death. But unlike Hades, Hwangchon is believed to have a penal system by which punishments are inflicted on the newly arriving souls for their misdeeds in this life.
Kim Soo-Chul
Kim Soo-Chul who is often referred to by his nick name, "Little Giant" has been a creative force in the Korean Entertainment business for over 20 years. A self taught musician, Kim started his own rock band while still in high school. He achieved his first commercial success as a founding member of ...
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