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Geomungo Solo - Seven Perspectives
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Item number: 2508
This is Heo Yoon-Jeong's first solo album of Geomungo, a six-stringed Korean bass zither plucked with a short bamboo rod which is held in the right hand, and producing majestic deep sounds. The pieces feature the unique sound of Geomungo and reveal composers' individual characters and make you release worries in the mundane world and listen to the sound inside your soul. All the elements of each piece create refined atmosphere; melodies, rhythms fully express unique features of Geomungo.
Heo Yoon-Jeong
Heo Yoon-Jeong is an active Geomungo solo player crossing the line between contemporary and traditional music. She was deeply attracted with Geomungo Sanjo that is humble and mild, and changes so much depending on the artist playing it. Unlike other Geomungo artists, she is an active performer cross...
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