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Seoul Goot - Korean Shaman Ritual Performance
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This unique album presents Kim Hye-Ran's magnificent Goot performance. Goot is a Korean shamanistic ritual done since ancient times to wish for a town's peace and a family's well-being. It's a symbol of Korean culture and shamanistic tradition. Goot mainly consists of music and dance. The main element of Goot is the female shaman, who sings and dances with food offerings. She asks ghosts to control the turbulence of life. Goot has a number of types and differs by region. The Goot in this album is the one of Seoul, which developed as a national Goot held in the royal court.
Kim Hye-Ran
Kim Hye-Ran is a representative folk singer and performer who has a unique voice color and presents extraordinary performance in Kyeonggi province folk songs and Goot, an ancient shaman ceremony. She transformed this ancient shamanistic ritual into a fascinating performing art.
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