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On the Road - 50th Anniversary of Kim Duk-Soo Debut
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Item number: 2521
This album is the musical recording celebrating Kim Duk-Soo's 50th anniversary as a musical performer. It presents an illustration of the footprints on his musical journey with the younger generation and his students; Red Sun band; and the hip-hop group Square of his loving son, Yong-hoon. They sang of impassioned hope, Kim Duk-Soo's past, and their future on the road.
Kim Duk-Soo
The word "genius" should not be used to describe an individual with extraordinary talents, but rather an individual who uses those talents to inspire the best from those around him. In this sense, "genius" is a fit appellation for the leader of Samulnori, Kim Duk Soo. Born in 1952 in Daejon, his fat...
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