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A Feeling of Love by Piri Performer Kim Kyung-A
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Item number: 2631
This album includes original pieces of music presenting the unique tune of Piri (Korean Bamboo Oboe) through the authentic performance by Kim Kyung-A. Each piece features the wonderful harmony between Piri's distinctive tone and the melodious background music of western instruments. The 5th and 9th piece presents the exotic sound of Taepyeongso.

Piri is a Korean double reed bamboo oboe with eight finger holes, one in back for the thumb and seven in front, used in both the folk and classical court music. Its large reed and cylindrical bore gives it a sound mellower than that of many other types of oboe.

Taepyeongso, literally "great peace flute," is a conical wooden oboe with eight finger holes, a metal mouthpiece, and a cup-shaped metal bell. It produces a loud and piercing sound and is used for farmers' band music, traditional military band music and some folk music.
Kim Kyung-A
Kim Kyung-A is a leading female solo player of Piri that has been considered as an instrument solely for man. She has participated in numerous contemporary and traditional albums in various genres as a Piri player. She presents authentic Piri performance through her deep-rooted principle of Jeong-ak...
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