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Binari (Korean Prayer Song) by Lee Kwang-Soo
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This unique album presents Lee Kwang-Soo's magnificent Binari performance. Binari is a prayer song that used to signal the beginning of the troupe's stay at a village. The shaman sings the extensive prayer, which touches on many aspects important to Korean beliefs. It recounts the tale of creation and calls upon the various spirits that reside in the village and mountains, eventually asking for a blessing upon the people, the prayers and the ground they inhabit. Binari can now be heard at events such as the opening of a new business or building, or at a performance.
Lee Kwang-Soo
Lee Kwang-Soo is a master of Binari (Korean Shaman Prayer Song) and of Kkwaenggwari (small gong). He has actively participated in promoting Samulnori worldwide as one of four Samulnori founders, a member of Samulnori band and a director of Academy of Korean Music.
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