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Windsongs: Fusion Korean Music
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Item number: 3206
In this album Kim Young-Dong to create entirely new music that would out-do his previous works. He hopes this album leads to the road frontiering Korean traditional music.

Through such pieces as Windsongs, created with harmony between electric guitar and Hun, an instrument of mystical airy quality; Sky at sunset and Love Dance, two songs of iron-stringed Geomungo; The Encounter, the meeting of female voice and Peruvian Quena; and a few other methods such as developing new instruments. He attempted the reinterpretation of music that we all somewhat already understand. And perhaps, along with it, he may carefully lay down a path to answering the question of 'what is the music that we really need today' by gliding over the boundaries of what is Korean and what is Western music.
Kim Young-Dong
Kim Young-Dong is one of the greatest composers and instrumentalists of Korean traditional music today. He has been at the forefront of the movement to popularize traditional Korean music. He is credited with starting a new movement in Korean traditional music by introducing songs that people can ac...
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