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Rustic Wall Lamp with Five Korean Mulberry Yellow Paper Shade Lanterns
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Item number: 3680
Designed to decorate a wall, this exquisite rustic wall lamp exhibits a light covered with hanji paper shade lanterns in the shape of flower buds and branch. The branch of the lamp is also made of hanji and is dyed with a natural pigment giving it a wooden color. Each lamp is connected to a power source with a flexible cord that can be bent according to the user's need and desire.

Produced after an arduous, time-consuming manufacturing process made only by hand, hanji, Korean mulberry paper, is an amazingly durable and versatile material for all kinds of arts and crafts. When used for a lampshade, hanji helps produce a beautiful, long-lasting lighting accessory for the home, radiating soft and comforting natural light to soothe the body and mind, tired from busy urban life.

Notice: This lamp is made to order. It takes a week or two to create it for you.

Size: 15"W x 31.7"H (38 x 80.5cm)
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