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Mother of Pearl Carved Wooden Korean Wedding Geese
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Traditionally Korean groom travels to the home of his bride on the back of a pony, bearing a live goose, a symbol of fidelity because it takes only one partner in its life, and gives it to his new mother-in-law as a sign of his faithfulness to her daughter. Nowadays, Koreans substitute the live goose with a wooden one as this. These two wooden hand carving wild geese symbolize a happily married couple who remain faithful to their partner their entire lives. The arrangement of iridescent design's luster and color made of mother of pearl creates wonderful harmony with the embroidered wraping cloth and blue and red threads.

Korean traditional wedding ceremony begins with the entrance of the groom to music following a flower boy with a hand lantern. Soon after, the bride in a palanquin adorned with flowers arrives. The traditional wedding ceremony is rich in symbolism and showcases time-honored cultural values of Korea.

According to a Korean fairy tale, there was an old man who mated a man and a woman by tying a blue thread to him and a red thread to her, thus making them a couple. The story explains why blue and red threads are important in the traditional wedding ceremony. In traditional Korea, marriage consisted of matchmaking, a wedding proposal from the groom?s parents to the bride?s parents that was signaled by blue and red silk threads being sent to the bride?s house. Read More

Size: 9.3"W x 2.6"D x 4.5"H (23.5 x 6
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