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Mother of Pearl Patchwork Design Zippo Cigarette Lighter
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Item number: 5331
This unique pocket lighter is ornamented with an elegant design of a mother of pearl design of Jogakbo. Jogakbo is the patchwork wrapping cloth that Korean housewives made with leftover pieces of fabric. Jogakbo is appraised by art critics as a fine art with its refined composition and harmonious color combination from different leftover cloth pieces, even though the tradition of Jogakbo making began because of practical uses in the home; for example, it was used as a screen as well as a wrapper for clothes, bedding or gifts. It has found another wonderful use in this Zippo lighter. The arrangement of intricate design's iridescence and color of mother of pearl makes it an impressive item for collection. Read More

Size: 1.4"W x 2.2"D x 0.5"H (3.6 x 5.6 x 1.3cm)
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