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Mother of Pearl Inlay Sunglasses Box Holder with Bird Crane Design
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Item number: 5586
MOP INLAY DISPLAY CASE: Carved out of real wood & lavishly embellished with Mother of Pearl inlays that form intricate artwork to be cherished, our eyeglass sunglass storage box is the ultimate organization accessory. HANDCRAFTED IN KOREA: Carefully & meticulously detailed by hand using traditional methods & ancient techniques passed down generation to generation, each Mother of Pearl sunglass box case is a work of art. GLASS LID OR WOOD TOP: We carry the sunglass display box in 8 gorgeous designs. 4 feature wooden lids accented with Mother of Pearl inlays, the other 4 feature clear glass lids ornamentally trimmed with MOP. MULTIPLE BOX PURPOSES: Use your display case as a sunglass box organizer, trinket box, jewelry box or wooden watch box. Flaunting 6 divided compartments, the box can be used as a holder for 6 pairs of glasses & more. BEAUTIFUL KOREAN GIFT: Available in 8 elegant motifs inspired by Korean tradition & culture, our sunglass valet boxes make exquisite gifts for his or her birthdays, anniversaries weddings & other special occasions. We here at Antique Alive are proud to present the finest Mother of Pearl Box available today.
Featuring 6 separate compartments, the storage case is suitable to used as a decorative box for
sunglasses, jewelry, earmuffs, scarves, watches, trinkets, collectibles & miscellaneous doodads.

The Mother of Pearl Story
Sourced from the lining of mollusk shells (abalone shells with an opalescent finish), Mother
of Pearl is an organic composite material believed to help unlock intuition, promote harmonic
balance & stimulate imagination. Handcrafted in keeping with tradition, our Mother of Pearl
mosaic tile gifts & accessories are functional heirloom-grade pieces of artwork to be treasured.

Choose from 8 different box options depending on the occasion, your personal style or a heartfelt
message you're wanting to convey. Our designs are all symbolic, full of meaning & simply striking.

Wooden Accessory Boxes with Clear Glass Lids
Archangel Box Design with Glass Top
Arabesque Box Design with Glass Top
Crane & Pine Tree Box with Glass Top
Dragon Motif Box with Clear Glass Top

Wooden Accessory Boxes with Solid Wood Lids
Large Peacock Box with Wooden Top
Parrot Box with Decorative Wooden Top
Archangel Box with Elaborate Wood Top
Crane & Pine Tree Box with Wood Top

Adorned by hand, the Mother of Pearl art is meticulously rendered to capture the beauties of this
natural shell venerated around the world. Further accented with interior Mother of Pearl inlays, our
storage box with dividers inside makes a fine gift to extend appreciation, gratitude or congratulations.

Place the trinket box sunglasses storage case on top of your vanity, entry table, office desk or counter.
Grab a box for yourself & pick up multiple to give away as gifts.

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