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SEASEAL Bamboo Salt Repair Mask Hydrating Korean Face Mask Sheet
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- BAMBOO SALT SKINCARE FACE MASK: Cultivated from salt farms of Korea's Mt. Jiri region & baked 9X in cast iron furnaces over pinewood, the mineral-rich bamboo salt infused into SEASEAL skincare sheet masks helps exfoliate, resurface, refine & nourish skin.

- BENEFITS OF KOREAN BAMBOO SALT: An age-old Korean beauty secret, bamboo salt is anti-inflammatory, re-mineralizing & naturally rich in beneficial antioxidants. It helps stimulate circulation, extract impurities to prevent acne & brightens skin to diminish age spots.

- HYDRATING or BRIGHTENING REPAIR: Choose an Aqua Mask or Repair Mask depending on your skincare concerns. The Aqua Mask restores & seals in healing hydration to combat dryness, whereas our anti-aging Repair Mask is firming, smoothing & radiance boosting.

- PURE, MOSTLY NATURAL EXTRACTS: More than 95% naturally derived from the earth, our ingredients revitalize & rejuvenate skin the way nature intends. We??ve eliminated 9 harmful ingredients common in skincare & beauty products to provide you with clean quality.

- EASY TO APPLY SINGLE SHEET MASK: Perfect for mess-free applications, this full face Korean mask sheet is super easy to apply. Carefully remove face sheet from package, remove the protective liner, apply mask to skin, let it sit for 30 min, remove & pat in excess.

The therapeutic skincare benefits of bamboo salt are well-known throughout Korea. Koreans have long used it to give the complexion a brighter & lighter radiant glow because it helps eliminate impurities & shed dry skin in order to smooth & brighten.

Having undergone a meticulous baking, drying & curing process, the bamboo salts infused into SEASEAL skin therapy facial masks are 100% authentically Korean.

The unique process begins with aged sea salt hand-packed into bamboo stalks &
slowly baked 9 times in ancient cast iron furnaces powered by pine tree firewood.
It's then boiled in a cauldron, processed to remove impurities & sent to our factory.

We've paired the 9 times dried bamboo salt with US-patented ingredients & other natural extracts in order pamper your skin with the best Mother Nature has to offer.

Choose our Aqua Mask or Repair Mask based on your specific skincare concern.

* (patented) Alpha-bisabolol: gives skin a soft, smooth, visibly supple texture
* Bamboo Sap: acts as a humectant or emollient to draw moisture in to skin
* Seaweed: immerses skin with hydration to increase elasticity & suppleness
* Sea Mustard: natural exfoliant with resurfacing properties reveals radiance
* Morus Alba Bark: combats discoloration to smooth out uneven skin tones

* Seaweed: immerses skin with moisture to increase elasticity & suppleness
* Panthenol Tea Tree Leaf: calms itching & irritation to soothe red, itchy skin
* (patented) AQUAXYL: blasts moisture deep into pores for plumping effect
* (patented) MultiEX BSASAM Plus: eases swelling, puffiness & inflammation

Sea meets earth in the synergistic production of these Korean masks for skin care.
Embrace the spirit of Korean tradition. Click ADD TO CART to order your mask!
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