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YoungWays Centella Cica Essence Korean Acne Serum Redness Relief
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Item number: 5778
- CALMING CENTELLA SKIN ESSENCE: A concentrated compound extracted from centella asiatica plants, madecassoside is the main component of this clarifying Korean face serum by YoungWays created to combat acne breakouts.

- 98% PURE & NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Enriched with heartleaf, tea tree oil & a healing blend of natural herbs, our centella blemish ampule is nearly all natural. It nourishes, protects skin, fades scars & helps repair damage.

- HYDRATING, SOOTHING, SMOOTHING: Enhanced with panthenol, the nourishing redness relief formula of our Korean skin essence deeply replenishes hydration to reveal a softer, smoother, brighter & much more even complexion.

- USE AS SERUM OR SPOT TREATMENT: Apply a thin layer of the soothing skin essence to the entire face under your makeup & moisturizer day/night or apply the fast-absorbing anti acne serum as a spot treatment for pinpointing pimples.

- SAFE & GENTLE ON SENSITIVE SKIN: Non-irritating & gentle, our acne gone serum is safe for all skin types. Use it to reduce redness on the cheeks or around the nose, smooth rough patches of skin, control breakouts or treat blemishes.

Red, itchy or irritated skin is almost instantly soothed & subdued by the calming qualities of this Korean beauty serum. Infused with centella asiatica, an herbal compound shown to combat redness, itching & irritation, our skin essence serum supplies fast relief. Revered for its viscous consistency & calming properties, it's a clear skin essential!

- TEA TREE SKIN BENEFITS: help prevent
oily skin, reduce itching, purify pores & zap away impurities that cause zits

- POTENT BSASM COMPLEX: a proprietary blend of rosemary, chamomile, green tea, Asian knotweed & licorice, our exclusive Korean skin tonic complex showers skin with revitalization

Clear, blemish-free skin is easily achievable with the powers of this acne-fighting skin serum.
Formulated to reduce redness, prevent blackheads, our acne skin essence is
the secret to a soft, smooth, crystal clear complexion. Combat acne & aging with CENTELLA!

Use dropper applicator to dispense facial serum on fingertips & massage into
skin until fully absorbed before moisturizing & applying makeup or use dropper
to apply essence directly to blemishes if using as an anti-acne spot treatment.
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