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The Beauty of Daily Life Expressed with Pure White
Korean white porcelain, a symbol of Confucian culture for 500 years,
is marked by fine paintings in cobalt blue or iron red of natural images celebrating
perfect balance, elegant form, subtle tranquility and simple beauty with high practicality.
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Korean Moon Jar White Porcelain
Price USD 489.00
Korean White Porcelain Moon Jar
Price USD 399.00
Ceramic Pen Holder with Openwork Cobalt Blue Lotus Flower Design
Price USD 250.00
Ceramic Pencil Holder with Cobalt Blue, Iron Black, Red Copper Acorn Tree
Price USD 155.00
White Ceramic Bottle with Cobalt Blue, Iron Black and Red Copper Flower
Price USD 595.00
White Porcelain Plate with Iron-painted Brown Grape and Leaf Design
Price USD 159.00
Blue Porcelain Plate with Floral and Arabesque Design in White
Price USD 179.00
White Porcelain Cheese Plate with Blue Chinese Longevity Letter
Price USD 199.00
Blue and White Porcelain Plate with 10 Creatures of Longevity
Price USD 169.00
Porcelain Holy Grail Cup with Blue and White Cross, Grape, Barley Painting
Price USD 115.00
Porcelain Kettle with Blue and White Grapevine Painting
Price USD 350.00
Porcelain Tea Kettle in Bamboo Shoot Design in White
Price USD 175.00
White Porcelain Cookie Jar with Blue Double Layer Openwork Design
Price USD 599.00
Porcelain Cobalt Blue Jar with Openwork Grape Design
Price USD 550.00
White Porcelain Jar with Iron Brown Grapes Painting
Price USD 125.00
Porcelain Biscuit Jar Lidded with Cobalt Blue Grass Design in White
Price USD 299.00
Bamboo Jar White Porcelain with Iron Brown Plum Flower Painting
Price USD 399.00
White Porcelain Turtle Jar with Lid and Intaglio Design
Price USD 199.00
Porcelain Horse Jar with Iron Brown Painting in White
Price USD 790.00
Blue Dragon White Porcelain Jar with Carved in Relief Design
Price USD 695.00
Dragon Jar Porcelain with Iron Brown Painting in White
Price USD 790.00
Blue and White Porcelain Dragon Jar of Korea
Price USD 680.00
Porcelain Blue White Jar with Fish in a Pond Painting
Price USD 695.00
Porcelain Grape Jar with Iron Brown Painting in White
Price USD 790.00
Porcelain Tobacco Jar with Blue and White Tiger and Magpie Painting
Price USD 670.00
Ceramic Bottle Vase with Blue and White Tiger and Magpie Painting
Price USD 299.00
Ceramic Dragon Bottle with Blue and White Design
Price USD 299.00
Ceramic Bird Water Bottle with Blue and White Korean Plum Flower
Price USD 115.00
Blue and White Porcelain Jar with a Fishing Scene
Price USD 125.00
White Ceramic Pen Holder with Openwork Acorn Design
Price USD 125.00
Ceramic Flower Bottle with Octagonal Blue and White Maehwa and Bamboo
Price USD 199.00
Porcelain Ginger Jar with Blue and White Peony Design
Price USD 385.00
White Porcelain Korean Moon Jar
Price USD 2500.00
Porcelain Flower Jar with Blue and White Maehwa and Bamboo Design
Price USD 750.00
Porcelain Temple Jar with Iron Brown Long Life Emblem Painting in White
Price USD 599.00
White Porcelain Water Dropper with Lizard and Maehwa Design in Relief
Price USD 299.00
White Porcelain Peach Water Dropper with Cobalt Blue, Copper Red Painting
Price USD 68.00
White Porcelain Vase with Blue Arabesque Design
Price USD 299.00
Hand Painted Porcelain Vase with Lid: Gray-White Maehwa Design
Price USD 690.00
Ceramic Oil Bottle with White Bamboo Design
Price USD 89.50
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