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Natural Light
Korean rice paper lamps are made with hanji, Korean mulberry paper.
When used for a lampshade, hanji produces beautiful, long-lasting lighting radiating soft
and comforting natural light to soothe the body and mind, tired from busy urban life.
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Wood Lamps See All +
Carved Wood Bedroom Lamp with Traditional Korean Pavilion Design
Price USD 99.95
Carved Wood Lamp Shade with Traditional Korean Pagoda
Price USD 99.95
Bedside Wood Lamp Shade with Traditional Korean Roof and Window
Price USD 99.95
Wood Lamp Shade with Traditional Korean Roof and Window
Price USD 129.00
Paper Lamps See All +
Yellow Table Mulberry Paper Lamp with Daffodil Flower Design
Price USD 159.00
Twig Table Paper Lamp with Korean Mulberry Shade Lantern
Price USD 47.00
Uplight Table Mulberry Paper Lamp Shades with Three Windflower Buds
Price USD 169.00
Paper Lamp Shade with Two Green Windflower Bud Lantern Lights
Price USD 145.00
Porcelain Table Lamps See All +
White Porcelain Table Lamp with Openwork Design
Price USD 390.00
Porcelain Vase Lamp with Buncheong Sotdae Design
Price USD 495.00
Antique Porcelain Lamp with Inlaid Celadon Black Peony Design
Price USD 565.00
Antique Porcelain Table Lamp with Lotus Design in Relief
Price USD 535.00