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Here are reviews from some of our customers sharing their Antique Alive Store shopping experiences with you.
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Centro Holistico, Madrid, Spain
November 3, 2015
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Scott, Las Vegas, United States
October 22, 2015
"Everything was absolutely perfect from the quality of the leather to the presentation box. Thank you so much for caring about the details."
Michael Leblanc, Wichita, United States
October 8, 2015
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thank you, have a
Valentine Cruchon, lausanne, Switzerland
September 12, 2015
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David Sait, Brampton, Canada
August 18, 2015
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Angely Pang, Sandakan, Malaysia
August 11, 2015
"I am extremely pleased with the celadon vase we received from Antique Alive. The selection was large, the ordering process was simple and the final product came on time in a fully protected cushioned set of nested boxes. My wife had admired such vases in museum collections and was delighted to own such a vase, immediately recognizing the fine celadon styling and workmanship.

Many thanks for helping make our wedding anniversary a memorable one."
Steven Kay, Brookfield, United States
July 27, 2015
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Erica Manley, McKinney, USA
July 7, 2015
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Raluca Ursu, Vienna, Austria
April 12, 2015
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Best regards and Thank you once again!!"
Ruvani Drake, Frillesås, Sweden
April 3, 2015
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March 28, 2015
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SIRE NICOLAS, Courgenay, France
March 18, 2015
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Lydia Hervatin, Rancho Palos Verdes, United States
March 12, 2015
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Maria Ojeda, Caguas, Puerto Rico
March 3, 2015
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I am more than 100% satisfied and happy with it! It is beautiful! The material is very, very nice and the price was extremely worth it!! Every year, I had been wearing my original hanbok from my wedding in 1998 and it was starting to get a little worn... so I am extremely happy with the one I got from you.

I am seriously thinking about ordering other colors later! And I will definitely tell all my friends about your site!

If you could do basic men's hanboks in the future, that would be great so that I could get my husband a matching one to mine. :)

And to top it ALL off, your shipping to the U.S. is fabulous. It doesn't take very long at all and doing business with you has been great!!

Keep it up and I look forward to seeing any of your new offerings!"
Sarah Alex, Fremont, United States
February 27, 2015
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Elena Yuryevna Krok, Novorossiisk, Russian Federation
February 13, 2015
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Megan Bliss, East Weymouth, United States
January 25, 2015
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Christine Chester-Jones, Tamborine Mountain, Australia
January 20, 2015
"I have this morning received the letter opener. It made it in time for Christmas and I am very happy with it. The box is very nice quality and the knife is just what I wanted as a gift for my 89 yr old Mother. She will be very pleased with it. Thank you for you excellent communication and I will certainly buy from you again."
James, ROMFORD, United Kingdom
December 19, 2014
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Michael Batchelor, East Sussex, United Kingdom
December 9, 2014
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