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Blue White Porcelain Vase with a Fishing Scene
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Item number: 1016
In the landscape painted on the body of this blue white porcelain vase, a boy is fishing at a riverside with a bamboo fishing rod. The details of the boy produced with fine brush strokes creates an impressive contrast with the surrounding wild plants that are captured by bold strokes from the traditional "single-brushing technique." The composition in which the orchids grown from the rocks are arranged to hang over the central figure also creates a striking artistic effect.

Blue and white porcelain wares of Korea are marked by an elegant form presenting a design of unrestrained brush strokes in perfect harmony with the negative space surrounding it. The beauty of elegance and spirituality emanating from the Korean blue and white porcelain is often compared with its Chinese counterpart, which is characterized by luxurious designs nearly comprising the entire surface. Read More

Size: Widest Diameter 7.9" x Height 10.2" (20 x 26cm)
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