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Fish Water Bottle Flattened Buncheong Pottery White Design
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Item number: 1195
This buncheong fish water bottle features a short neck and flat disk-like body decorated with a pair of fish incised on either side of the surface thickly brushed with white slip. The resoluteness of the lines delineating the fish captures their dynamic movement vividly. Each ridge of the body is divided into two tiers, each containing bold brush strokes depicting a peony leaf design. Traditionally a symbol of auspicious conditions in life, fish has been one of the most loved motifs for buncheong works. As fish swim freely in groups, have many babies, and fight against a river's currents as they swim towards its head, this image symbolizes a free, happy, prosperous, successful and peaceful life with many children. Read More

Size: 7.1"W x 5.5"D x 9.4"H (18 x 14 X 24cm)
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