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Original of Natural Beauty Expressed by Deviated Freedom
Buncheong porcelain(14th to 16th century) is characterized by uniquely bold
designs deviated from the aesthetic traditions of celadon and white porcelain.
Buncheong's unconventional dynamic expressions, nonfigurative composition and
variety of abstract designs appeals to modern tastes, displaying the quintessential
natural beauty of Korean pottery.
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Buncheong Deombung Porcelain Tea Bowl
Price USD 399.00
Pottery Pencil Pen Holder with Sgraffiato Tree Design in Yellowish White
Price USD 89.00
Flower Bottle Buncheong Pottery with Sgraffiato Design in Brown
Price USD 299.00
Flowers Bottle Buncheong Pottery with Impressed White Woven Mat Design
Price USD 299.00
Pottery Dinner Plate with Iron Black, Red Copper Paint Fish Design
Price USD 595.00
Polish Pottery Plate with Moon and Reed Sgraffito Design in Brown
Price USD 175.00
Pottery Cake Plate with Buncheong White Ripe Barley Design
Price USD 199.00
Lotus Leaf Plate Pottery with Buncheong White Design
Price USD 95.00
Pottery Pie Plate with Buncheong Fish and Lotus Flower Design
Price USD 159.00
Religious Plate Pottery with Buddhist Character and Bodhidharma Picture
Price USD 175.00
Pottery Fish Plate with Buncheong White Woven Mat Design
Price USD 185.00
Art Pottery Plate with Chinese Love Character and Stamped Flower
Price USD 185.00
Hand Painted Pottery Plate with Chinese Fortune Character, Stamped Flower
Price USD 185.00
Painted Pottery Plate with Buncheong Stamped Flower Design
Price USD 149.00
Pottery Fire Pot with Buncheong Gwiyal Fish Design in White
Price USD 595.00
Pottery Cookie Jar with Lid: Brown Autumnal Leaves Sgraffito Design on White
Price USD 399.00
Pottery Spice Jar with Lid: Impressed Woven Mat Buncheong Flower Design
Price USD 159.00
Pottery Tobacco Jar with Lid: Buncheong White Tri-Leaf Sgraffito Design
Price USD 490.00
Pottery Ginger Jar with Inlaid Buncheong Lotus Design in White
Price USD 299.00
Pottery Storage Jar with Iron-Painted Brown Peony Flower Design on White
Price USD 395.00
Fish Jar Semi-round Buncheong Pottery with Inlaid White Design
Price USD 199.00
Pottery Jar of Fish with Impressed Woven Mat Buncheong White Design
Price USD 140.00
Pottery Oil Jar with Iron-Painted Black Bird and Bamboo Design on White
Price USD 595.00
Large Pottery Jar with Iron-Painted Brown Old Pine Tree Design
Price USD 595.00
Pottery Vase Made in Korea with Impressed Woven Mat Buncheong Design
Price USD 89.50
Small Pottery Vase Buncheong Grey with Impressed Flower Design
Price USD 89.50
Pottery Utensil Jar with Inlaid Buncheong Yellowish White Arabesque
Price USD 770.00
Large Pottery Vase Buncheong Gray with Inlaid Lotus and Fish Design
Price USD 470.00
Brown Pottery Vase Buncheong with White Rose Design
Price USD 89.50
Pottery Bottle with Buncheong Inlaid White Lily Design
Price USD 149.00
Fish Water Bottle Flattened Buncheong Pottery White Design
Price USD 275.00
Fish Wine Bottle with Iron-Painted Buncheong Gray Design
Price USD 279.00
Antique Porcelain Bowl in Light Brown for Tea Ceremony
Price USD 350.00
White Porcelain Bowl with Gyeryongsan Style Dark Brown Arabesque Design
Price USD 155.00
Olive Jar Pottery with Buncheong Sotdae Design in Brown
Price USD 385.00
Pottery Bottle with Impressed Woven Mat Buncheong White Design
Price USD 299.00
Pottery Fish Jar with Buncheong Iron-painted Design in White
Price USD 399.00
Antique Pottery Vase Buncheong Gray with Inlaid Dragon Design
Price USD 299.00
Pottery Fish Vase with Buncheong Grey Inlay Design
Price USD 385.00
Buncheong Pottery Leaf Bottle with Iron-Painted Brown Design
Price USD 385.00
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