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Ceramic Bottle Vase with Blue and White Tiger and Magpie Painting
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Item number: 3420
This elegant blue and white ceramic bottle vase displays graceful lines flowing from the charming lip gently curled out. The body is decorated with the folk painting of tiger and magpie in Joseon dynasty (1392-1910). The magpie is traditionally viewed as the bearer of good news. The tiger has been thought of as a symbol of bravery and an animal with magical power that drives out devils and diseases. This subject matter was thus not only visually appealing, but was also thought to provide protection and attract good fortune for the forthcoming year.

However, the tiger in this particular painting was humorously depicted, which is one of characteristics of Koran folk painting. A magpie looks down on the tiger from the safe distance of a pine tree. Frustrated by its constant talking but powerless to stop it, the tiger growls back at it, revealing his fangs.

Blue and white porcelain wares of Korea are marked by an elegant form presenting a design of unrestrained brush strokes in perfect harmony with the negative space surrounding it. The beauty of elegance and spirituality emanating from the Korean blue and white porcelain is often compared with its Chinese counterpart, which is characterized by luxurious designs nearly comprising the entire surface. Read More

Size: Widest Diameter 5.9" x Height 11.8" (15 x 30cm)
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