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Blue and White Porcelain Plate with 10 Creatures of Longevity
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Item number: 3438
This unique blue and white porcelain plate depicts sipjangsaeng. One of the most favored designs for Korean art traditionally has been sipjangsaeng, 10 creatures that ancient Koreans, influenced by the Taoist philosophy, believed were created to enjoy eternal youth: sun, stone, water, cloud, pine tree, deer, bulnocho ('herb of eternal youth'), turtle, crane, and mountain. Inspired by the belief in a Taoist utopian world resided by Taoist elders who had found the secret of eternal life, ancient Koreans revealed their dreams of such a world through the 10 creatures. These symbols significantly impacted the lives and thoughts of the Korean people, from royalty down to common folks, and appeared in numerous objects and places including walls, paintings, poetry, proverbs, furniture, personal belongings and ornaments. In this blue and white pottery decorative wall plate, the design of 10 creatures is exquisitely painted into the surface of the white body. Read More

Size: 10.6" Diameter (27cm)
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